How To Choose The Right Cargo Trailers For Your Truck

cargo trailers

If you are in the market for a cargo trailer, one that you can use to haul merchandise from one location to the other, you have likely seen many of these for rent from companies like U-HAUL. They are very popular because they allow you to load everything from furniture to any belongings that you may have, the perfect trailer for relocating to a new home or office. There are different sizes that are available for rent, and you can also purchase one if you would prefer owning one out right. Here is an overview of the different sizes that are available, and where you can purchase cargo trailers for discount prices if you would prefer owning one instead of renting.

Why Most People Get Cargo Trailers

Cargo trailers can be used for so many reasons. If you have motorcycles, ATVs, or if you are in the construction or painting industry, these are very useful trailers. They are designed to be easy to hook up to your truck, and some of them are customized. You may find sound that have ponderosa pine inside, along with cabinetry to hold all of the tools that you need for your jobs. Some of them are actually insulated, or may have tiles on the floor, making them very unique. They also come in different sizes that you need to consider as the size will often have a lot to do with its overall price.

Different Sizes Of Cargo Trailers

When you go to a rental site, this is usually where you can get a good idea as to how large these trailers actually are. They usually come in sizes 4 x 8, 5 x 8, 5 x 10 and 6 x 12. These are perfect for small moves that you may be doing, perhaps to take your son or daughter to their dorm if they are going to college. You can also use these to carry small amounts of merchandise or furniture to a storage unit, or simply use them when you are relocating from one office to another. Some of them come with a door on the side that will allow you to walk things in. Some have windows, such as a concession cargo trailer, and then there are those that are much larger, 16 feet in length, that are often used by people that have some type of business.

How Much Do They Cost?

These units can cost as much as $2000-$6000, depending upon their size. It also depends on the manufacturer which could be from Cross, Continental or the popular CM trailers that have rubber torsion axles, independent suspension, and electric brakes that will allow you to stay safe regardless of how far you travel. You can get used ones for less than $1000, but these are typically smaller, no larger than 4 x 8 in most cases.

They are so useful, especially if you have a truck that can haul a large amount of weight, and can save you a considerable amount of money on rental fees. If you happen to do a lot of moving or traveling where you need to bring things with you, it’s always better to purchase than to rent. Just make sure that you are obtaining one that is highly recommended in regard to the brand-name, and that you are not paying too much when you make the purchase. One other cargo trailer that you might want to consider are those that are cargo haulers. These have a basket like design, complete with four sides, without a top making it easy to load.

After you have looked at the many different ones that are available, you need to consider why you need one. You could get something as minimal and cost as a cargo hauler with basket for less than $200, but if you need a full cargo trailer, get ready to spend several thousand dollars to get the one that you need. Remember that if you are only using this once or twice, there is no need to buy one as it would be cheaper to rent. However, you can easily find a used one for sale, or a great deal from a certified dealership that sells all of the top brands.


Perfect Horse Trailers

Tired of considering horse trailers that are not efficient?

Want to choose a solution that is going to last for years and provide ample spacing once you start using it?

Many trailers are not as effective as they should be, and this holds back owners. You want to go with something that is easy to navigate and is going to provide long-lasting quality.

Here is what you get with perfect horse trailers that are cost-effective and worth every penny once you get a look at them. There is no better option being sold right now and here is why.

Fully Equipped

Are you looking for a high-powered trailer? Do you want world-class lighting packages? Antennas? Modern appliances? Beautiful vanities with aesthetics in mind?

You will want something that is fully equipped from top to bottom. These trailers are more than equipped to meet your requirements.

Not only are they filled with the items and featuers you are looking for, but these trailers are also clean and aesthetically pleasing to boot. You are getting the complete package when you purchase a trailer of this nature.

It does not get better than this for those who want perfection.


Do you want the trailers to last for a long time or to work for a few months before you have to give them up? This is a sizeable investment and one you are going to want to get spot on. If that is your mindset going into the purchase, you will know a world-class seller is a must for your trailers.

Choosing a trailer that is ineffective or is not going to last because of how it has been designed is meaningless.

Go with something as compelling as this option and know you are going to purchase a trailer that will last.

Flexible Pricing

What about the pricing for these trailers? You will receive flexible rates that are more than affordable based on your budget. These are high-quality trailers that are at the top of their niche and the perfect fit for you. Choose one that is going to jive with your setup as soon as possible.

The rates are never going to get in the way of this purchase.

You will receive pricing that is competitive and more than fair for the “fully equipped” solution you are going to be presented.

The days of settling for mediocre trailers should be in the past when you get a look at this.

Open Spacing

Minimal spacing and inefficient usage of area plague numerous trailers around the world. It is a faulty design that can get in the way of what you are hoping to receive. Therefore, this is a solution that is going to stand out as being spacious and meaningful at the same time.

Why not go with trailers that take space into account and understand it should be easy to move around inside.

A trailer that does not meet these needs is never going to be a long-term option. These trailers are made for the present and future when it comes to spacing.

Simple To Setup

Require a solution that is easy to setup and is not going to get in the way? Many trailers are being sold on the market, which do not account for this and are therefore not worth your time. It is better to choose a solution that is straightforward and effective.

These trailers are world-class and are as easy as it gets while maintaining the standards that are required in this day and age.

Why select a horse trailer that does not meet your requirements moving forward?

These horse trailers are valuable for those who are looking for an exceptional option that will fit right in with the setup. There is no purpose behind getting a trailer that is not efficient or lacks the quality you are going for. Why not shoot for the best and get it at a good price to boot?

This is the perfect fit you have been dreaming of ever since you started this search. These are premium-quality trailers that are worth your time and should be considered as the best option you are ever going to have in the open market.



Gooseneck trailers are easier to maneuver

The use of trailers allows much larger loads to be towed than the carrying capacity of the truck or pulling unit. Standard trucks will have bodies mounted on to them in which all the load to be carried is stacked for onward transportation. In the case of trailers, the pulling unit is separate , while the trailer is towed behind it after being hitched to it through various devices.

Trailers can be hitched to the bumper of a pickup truck or even a car, and be towed along. The loads are all carried by the trailers, which are designed for them. In the case of gooseneck trailers, the trailer has an arm which is fixed to the bed of the truck, instead of its bumper. This arrangement transfers the load to a point that is over the rear wheels, or even further. The fixing is through a goose neck shaped fixture on the front end of the trailer, which ends with a ball that is locked onto the bed of the tow truck. Gooseneck trailers are able to make tighter turns than towing arrangements that connect to the back or bumpers of tow trucks.

Gooseneck trailers are different from the commonly used drag along trailers. These common bumper pull trailers are alright as long as the combined weight of the combination is limited to below 10,000 lbs. This places a limit on the carrying load and can also mean a restriction to the size of the trailer, which can limit living space if this is a  living area. The biggest advantage that gooseneck trailers have over the conventional trailers is that they have a lot of stability. The weight of the trailer pulling device or tongue is over the rear axle of the towing truck.  This arrangement minimizes any swaying action that combination vehicles have when they are traveling at high speeds. It thus enables greater loads to be added to trailers and make for greater living areas if that is the cargo being hauled.

The turning radius of these trailers is much smaller, thus allowing them to be easily maneuvered at truck stops or other places where space may be a restriction. The maneuvering of these trailers does have to be practiced, and you must be careful the first time that you take the trailer out on the road. These trailers require heavier tow trucks than normal, and unless you are consistently having to tow larger weights the extra costs may not be justified. These trailers also always large and you will have to look for parking spaces that are feasible for such large units.

The hitch assembly for a gooseneck trailer hitch is bolted to the frame of the truck at a number of places, so that the connection is secure, and must be able to easily take the weight of the trailer being pulled. It is better to err on the side of caution and put in more fasteners to ensure that the hitch assembly will not put too much of strain on any one part of the truck frame. It is common to also install safety anchor chains, as an additional safety feature in case the hitch does get loosened, and this arrangement enables the trailer will remain connected to the truck. Care must be taken to  see that you do not cause any weakening of the truck frame while making these fastenings.

Trailers that are hauled through gooseneck hitches will have protrusions that stick out in front of the trailer. You can also make these hitches so that they fold down into the bed of the truck being used for hauling. This way the truck can be used for other work when it is not being used to haul the trailer. Take the advice of your truck manufacturer and its engineers to give you the best advice on how to install hitches for a goose neck trailer.

Goosenecks are complicated to install and require extra effort. But the additional capacity that you will have for hauling trailers make this worth the tine and money spent on these hitches. Take this decision based on your long-term needs for hauling so that you do not make unnecessary changes to your truck.